Most often, we have no idea where we will end up and I love this lack of planning. It’s a thrill and yet the most stressful part of this experience…especially when you add work commitments into the equation. It causes discomfort but it also allows you to explore and see where the day takes you. The trip between Banff & Whistler through historic Rogers Pass was awe-inspiring. With the low valley cloud cover and sun showers, the bright snowmelt lingering on the steep-walled mountains and the vivid green landscape of the nearby mountains, you begin to wonder if you’re in a fairy tale that has come to life. I couldn’t look away.

We happened upon a campsite back in the heavily wooded area at the base of a nearby Glacier and I’ll have dreams of this place until I’m old and grey. I am not sure I will go back again, as I want to keep the image beautifully placed in my memory. The small campground can be crowded and less private but there is something special about this stop.

When we arrived it was early afternoon, dark with cold, misty rain, and yet stunning. This inland rainforest full of heavy undergrowth ripe with huckleberry, and the news of recent grizzly sightings made this location mysterious and beautiful. Pure solitude and only the sounds of nearby hiker chatter and the overflowing river awaited us.

Filled with hikers looking to hang their hammocks for a few hours of shut-eye before continuing onward in their journey, they are charged with inspiration and the desire to reach the summits of nearby climbs. They arrive with only the necessities and depend on the fire to dry out their soaking wet clothes from today’s heavy rains. Their energy of what the day has accomplished and what lies ahead is what inspires me. Surround yourself with like-minded individuals and good energy.

With children and the need to run our businesses and live on the road full time, we depend on the cozy comforts of our camper, yet feel just as connected with nature whether sleeping in a camper, hammock, or in the open outdoors. These are the places and memories we thrive on.

With gratitude,