From Idaho, we entered Canada and made a beeline for Banff. While it could have been a shit show of tourists, every inch of Banff was impressive. We tried our best to avoid the crowds, which can be impossible in July. Most tell you to visit popular sites early in the morning. However, with the sun not setting until 10-10:30PM, we were night owls and never woke up early.

Once we started our day, we caught up on emails or conference calls and by mid-afternoon, ran out to explore. It was a nice change because in Colorado, we’d run the risk of being stuck in the dangerous afternoon storms this time of year.

There wasn’t enough time to hike all of the trails the parks offered, so the girls and I picked a spot that was steep but super quick to climb. Definitely worth the mid-day heat to experience the views and chill down in the spring water.

Derek took a MTB and road ride on the same day and loved every minute. The pictures he captured were gorgeous and thankfully there were no bear/moose sightings–though we are always prepared!

We hiked up a short trail to Takakkaw Falls in Yoho National Park, which is one of the highest waterfalls in Canada and drops water 833 feet. Standing close to its base was flipping magical!

If only you could feel the power!

In Banff Hot Springs, the girls and I opted for an early evening (not skinny) dip. It’s a small pool with a plethora of international travelers soaking up the heat. Each and every person is on full display in this intimate setting. I kept wondering if something was wrong with me. Was I having a nip slip?

During our last day in Banff, we made our way to Lake Louise. We learned that if we ignored the fact there were thousands of tourists wanting to see the same damn lake, we could look past the chaos and experience one of the most beautiful sights.

Until next time Banff…

With love,