These two bad b’s and I made an 18hr journey to Denver to meet up w/Derek and be home for a bit. I had never driven the RV more than 3 hours alone but with the help of these copilots, we made it! 

They’ve quickly learned about rvlife and all of the complicated shit that pops up when you least expect. For the girls and I, this was our kitchen sink coming loose during the drive and falling through the cabinet below … only to flood the cabinets. ?‍♀️ Livi happened to be car sick so we pulled over to take a break and noticed the kitchen sink debacle. The girls looked at me w/sad eyes and said: “I’m sorry mommy, how do we fix this”? I probably said eff 20x then smiled and said “I have no fucking idea but together we’re going to handle it” ….and we did just that. 

Teach your girls they can do anything and be anyone. There are absolutely zero boundaries. Not even a shitty kitchen sink or it’s brackets. 

For now, we’re back in ColoRADo for a month before we head back to Texas to spend most of the winter. Planning to soak up the bluebirds, the dirt, and much needed time with friends.

With Derek cheering us on from afar, we’re once again reminded this unscripted life will make you uncomfortable, yet provide you many opportunities to be unstoppable. Happy International Day of the Girl!